Isometric illustration: digitisation and education in Switzerland

Networked education

An isometric illustration about digitisation and education in Switzerland

Educa, specialist agency for the Swiss digital education space, commissioned a large scale illustration to help them visualise their take on digitisation and education.
As ongoing digitisation is transforming the context in which teaching and learning takes place, learning processes need to be adjusted and the roles of teachers as well as students are changing. The illustration visualises hybrid networks which penetrate the borderlines between analogue and digital learning resources inside and outside of school. Formal, non-formal and informal education is evolving into a new ecosystem.
Doted lines in the educa’s corporate red colour represent connections of any kind between people, objects and even animals. Turquoise swooshes stand for the exchange of data. The isometric perspective of the illustration allows extensions and modulations in future versions of the picture. Scroll down for detail few of the large scale illustration as well as some work in progress pictures.

Date: Ocotber 2019 / Client: Educa, Switzerland / Illustration: Monika Rohner / Link: – Digitization and Education / Link: – Lernen im Ökosystem
Isometric illustration: Kitchen, Library, Group Work
Isometric illustration: Rooftop Garden
Isometric illustration: Reserach, Lecture, Home Office
Isometric illustration: Group Work
Isometric illustration: Fablab, carpenter, agency
Isometric illustration: Homeoffice, at Home
Isometric illustration: Excursion, Birdsongs
Isometric illustration: School Garden, Water Analysis
Isometric illustration: Lecture on Photosynthesis
↑ Illustration details
↑ Tracking shot around the isometric illustration
↑ From sketch to the final illustration
↑ Poster featuring the illustration