An explainer video about monitoring pharma shipments

The start-up company Modum offers end-to-end monitoring solutions to guarantee quality assurance throughout the shipment process. With the team at EBP communication I created an explainer video and a large-format infographic that will enable the company to offer prospective clients an appealing representation of the complex monitoring process.

Modum’s focus is on the pharmaceutical industry where quality assurance in the shipment process is essential. The explainer video takes the viewer on the journey of a package as it moves all the way from the manufacturer to the end customer. The exposure of the package’s contents to heat, cold, light, vibrations and moisture is recorded throughout the entire journey. The task of explaining the extraordinarily complex monitoring process in the span of only two minutes proved to be an exciting challenge. In particular, I needed to identify and omit the secondary details so as to ensure a coherent and engaging visualisation of the most important steps in the overall process.

Date: December 2019 / Client: Modum, Switzerland / Agency: EBP Schweiz AG / Concept: Monika Rohner / Script: Caterina Beffa (Modum) / Design and animation: Monika Rohner / Sounddesign and voice over casting: Patrick Böhler, Zurich / Voice: Envy McKee / Design Infographic: Muriel Mathys (EBP)
Palett and trackers getting ready for dispatch
Medication bottles and shippment tracker get packt for dispatch
Cargo plane in the air
Storage with different parcels and trackers
Hands holding an iPad with a blockchain visualisation
Storyboard Gif
↑ Styleframes and storyboard
A parcels journey from factory to end customer
↑ Concept frame: The product’s journey from factory dispatch to end customer.

8 meter infographic for comprehensive process depiction

In order to offer a detailed depiction of what happens to the package during the journey shown in the explainer video, my collegue Muriel created a large-format infographic measuring 8 by 1.5 meters. The infographic depicts the many process details and interfaces that characterise Modum’s quality-assurance solutions. With its appealing design and colours, the infographic complements the explainer video and seamlessly matches Modum’s corporate design. The infographic was presented at the MODday in Zurich, an event organised by Modum.

Photo of an infographic poster showing the journey of a parcel from factory to end customer
Photo of an infographic poster showing the journey of a parcel from factory to end customer
↑ Installation view of the infographic