A 360° Illustration

Minergie, the Swiss standards agency working to promote energy efficient buildings, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018. To mark the occasion, EBP has developed an innovative and emotionally evocative anniversary campaign. I had the chance to draw the illustration for the explorative website with a 360° look, which is the core of the campaign. In the last 20 years Minergie certified around 50’000 buildings that provide a place to live, work and play for roughly one million people. Therefore the illustration visualises this “Miniergie City” with its various buildings and many aspects of life. 

Date: December 2017 / Client: Minergie, Switzerland / Agency: EBP Schweiz AG / Project Management: Astrid Skrypzak / Concept: Astrid Skrypzak, Miriam Werder, Melanie Wicker / Web Design: Melanie Wicker / Illustration: Monika Rohner / Project Website: www.minergie20.ch
Vector Illustration: Full panorama of Minergie City
↑ Minergie City – full panorama
Vector Illustration: detail of Minergie City
Vector Illustration: detail of Minergie City
Vector Illustration detail: Kindergarden, electric car, bikes
Vector Illustration detail: diving platform at the open air swimming pool
Vector Illustration detail: People in the queue
Vector Illustration detail: Ice cream parlor
↑ Picture details