Minergie Explainer ViDEOS

Easily accessible and yet informative

The Minergie Association commissioned EBP to produce a series of easily accessible and yet informative animated videos that could be used to present its range of products to clients and partners. The scope of the assignment included the conception, illustration, scripting and animation of the videos. Although every product has its unique properties, advantages and target groups, the videos were also to function as a unit. We met this specification by using a common introductory scene and a consistent visual language for each video. For the introductory scene as well as for the all over look and feel of the videos we stayed close to the illustrated world that was developed for Minergie’s anniversary campaign. The three videos about “New Construction”, “Renovation” and “Energy-Efficient Building Use” were produced for the Swiss market and therefor in German, French and Italian.

Date: November 2017 – June 2018 / Client: Minergie, Switzerland / Agency: EBP Schweiz AG / Script: Astrid Skrypzak / Illustration and animation: Monika Rohner / Sound Design: Patrick Boehler / Voices: Peter Hottinger (German), Olivier Vuille (French), Riccardo Merli (Italian) 
↑ Explainer “New construction”
↑ Explainer “Renovation”
↑ Concept frame: One building, three situations
↑ Still frame and storyboard: “New Construction”
↑ Still frames and storyboard: “Energy efficient building use”
↑ Still frames and storyboard: “Renovation”