Mega Mou

Sweet cell animations for the mega redesign

Velvet in Munich asked me to join their team to work on this redesign for Greek channel MEGA . They booked me to illustrate and animate some lovely details for this great mixed media package. There’s much more to see than the two movies I show here, make sure you check the whole package on velvet’s website.

Date: February 2010 / Client: Mega, Greece / Animation studio: velvet, Munich / Creative Direction: Matthias Zentner, Martin Kett / Art direction: Iris Engler, Stefanie Pfann / Compositing: aVoir, Munich / My part: Illustration and cellanimation (Heart, Keytar, Microphones, Mega Mou) / Awards: Silver at NY Festivals, 1x Gold & 1x Silver at Promax BDA Europe, Finalist at Promax BDA World Gold
↑ Handdrawn “Mega Mou” Logos
↑ My cell animations that were composited to the life action