Vector Illustration: Jinsha River Bend

Jinsha River

Information design for a wide audience

On behalf of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) climate and water resources experts from EBP and associated companies are at work in China’s Jinsha Region developing measures that will enable the communities in the Jinsha River Basin to respond to extreme, climate-related events such as flooding and drought.
To communicate the outcomes of this huge international project the website was created. The microsite illustrates how the Jinsha region in China is coping with extreme events such as floods and droughts. It provides other regions similarly affected by climate change with an immediate overview of the processes and approaches applied. I had the pleasure to design this microsite and illustrate the header picture as well as all the animated icons.

Date: Summer 2017 / Project website: / Client: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) / Agency: EBP Schweiz AG / Concept, copy and project management: Cornelia Büttner / Design, illustration, animation: Monika Rohner / Website: Robert Baumgartner, Odoson
Vector Illustration: Animated Icons "Sectors and Stakeholders"
↑ Animated icons “Sectors and Stakeholders”
Vector Illustration: Animated Icons "Tools and Products"
↑ Animated icons “Tools and Products”
↑ Final website: