How to increase the use of renewable natural gases

The Swiss Gas Industry Association (VSG) is determined to reach a tenfold increase of the use of renewable natural gases in the home-heating sector by 2030. They commissioned EBP to create two animated explainer videos, which explain how the goal can be reached. The first video clarifies the “30/2030” Strategy as well as the potential of renewable natural gases and it’s advantages. It’s a call to action to organisations and decision-makers. With the general public as its main target group, the second video explains what renewable natural gases are – whether generated by biomass or power-to-gas methods – why they are climate-friendly and how they differ from natural gas.
In means of design it was extra challenging to find an appealing visual language while a major rebrand was in progress at the same time. Below I show some of my early styleframes next to the final look.

Date: September 2018 / Client: Gazenergie, Switzerland / Agency: EBP Schweiz AG / Concept: Cornelia Büttner, Monika Rohner / Script: Cornelia Büttner / Design and lead animation: Monika Rohner / Animation: Cissy Hu / Sounddesign and voice over casting: Jingle Jungle Tonstudios, Zurich / Languages: German, French, Italian
↑ Styleframes “Style A”
↑ Elements “Style A”
↑ Elements “Style B”
↑ Storyboard “Strategy”
↑ Storyboard “Facts and figures”