TVIQ Character Collection

Last summer I had the great pleasure to create a whole bunch of characters for TVIQ, one of Astro Television Network’s kids channels. For their live action idents they were looking for so called “Buddies”, characters who accompany the kids throughout the ident. Each character was meant to reflect the personality of it’s hosting kid. Depending on the cast as well as the story to tell, the characters are the triggers of the kids curiosity and help to unleash the storytelling for each ident.
To get the perfect Malay touch, some of the characters wear moslem headpiece. I delivered a set of eight characters with a lot of facial expressions and hairstyles each.

Date: June 2014
Client: Perfect Accident, Germany
Illustration: Monika Rohner
Character and styleframe draft: Janett Bergner

illu_tviqcharacters_02illu_tviqcharacters_03illu_tviqcharacters_04illu_tviqcharacters_05illu_tviqcharacters_06Character designs, facial expressions and “real world” integration

illu_tviqcharacters_07Styleframes for the “Watercycle Ident”