Illustration pitch for a new visual language for Migros Culture Percentage division. The Migros Culture Percentage (German: Kulturprozent) is a voluntary commitment of Swiss Supermarket Migros in the fields of culture, society, education, leisure and the economy. Through its institutions, projects and activities, it creates access to cultural and social activities for a broad spectrum of the population.
To cover their whole spectrum visually I sketched a “Wimmelbild” whit space for all the possible activities and may little story. The isometric perspective of the picture allows to easily ad and move elements to the scene. And of course any illustrated element could be used by itself. I first sketched an outline version of the “Wimmelbild” and just coloured some elements to give an idea how it would look like in the end. Later the client thought it was a good idea to have an outline version and the option to highlight certain parts of the picture. Unfortunately they had to cancel the whole project ☹

Date: December 2014
Client: Migros Culture Percentage, Switzerland
Illustration: Monika Rohner

illu_kulturprozent_02Artwork detail and elements

illu_kulturprozent_03illu_kulturprozent_04Full picture and close up


illu_kulturprozent_05Early stage icons and sketches