Kraft Singles

Styleframe and concept for a Kraft Singles commercial: To communicate that Kraft Singles cheese slices no longer contain artificial preservatives and flavours, Kraft planned a pure and simple campaign of three spots. My idea was to reflect the shape of the product and tell the stories in a square by morphing from one picture to the next. I suggested two handcrafted styles: Paint on paper and paper collage.

Date: September 2013
Agency: Duck, US
Studio: Kompost, Switzerland
Design, Concept: Monika Rohner

⇣ Styleframes / Storyboard / Artwork details

styleframe_kraftsingles_01 styleframe_kraftsingles_03⇡ Grilled Cheese Sequence (Styleframe + Storyboard)

styleframe_kraftsingles_04 styleframe_kraftsingles_05⇡ Milk Sequence (Styleframe + Storyboard)

styleframe_kraftsingles_06⇡ Storyboard

styleframe_kraftsingles_07 styleframe_kraftsingles_08⇡ Artwork detail: Paint on paper (above) + paper collage (below)