Swiss Life Select

Explaining insurance services

Swiss Life’s subsidiary company Swiss Life Select was looking for a short movie to explain their business which is slightly different from Swiss Life’s. They use the movie on their website and all Swiss Life Select consultants will have it ready on their iPads to show it to their clients while introducing their services.

Date: July 2012 / Client: Swiss Life Select, Switzerland / Animation studio: Kompost, Switzerland / Project Manager: Dennis Guggenheim / Concept, Direction, Design: Monika Rohner / Animation: Monika Rohner,  Ian Sampaio / Soundtrack: Cyril Boehler / Sound Design: Patrick Boehler
↑ Still frames
↑ Characters
↑ Concept board: Cloths and asorted packages
↑ Concept board:  Customised packages
↑ Storyboard