The Facts

Explainer movie for a Swiss insurance company

To explain the history and facts about the Swiss insurance company Swiss Life I created a whole army of characters and objects. The explainer movie which I art directed and animated is part of a package of corporate movies which won quite a few prizes (see below). 

Date: January 2012 / Client: Swiss Life, Switzerland / Agency: Seed, Switzerland  / Animation studio: Kompost, Switzerland / Project Manager at Seed: Felix Courvoisier / Project Manager at Kompost: Dennis Guggenheim / Script: Alexandra Fisher / Direction, Design, Animation: Monika Rohner / Additional animation: Rebekka Keusch / Music + Sounddesign: Cyril Boehler / Languages: German, French, Italian / Awards: Silver Victoria at the 25th Internationale Wirtschaftsfilmtage in Vienna 2012; Silver Screen at the US International Film & Video Festival;  Gold Plaque at Chicago Int. Film Festival 2012; Silver World Medal at New York Festivals 2013
↑ Still frames
↑ Illustrated assets and characters
↑ Storyboard
↑ Early stage character design