Sound translation

Translating beats and rhythm into a visual language

Soundtranslation is a student project and my first ever animation. The idea was to translate music into a visual language. Musical emotions, spontaneous reactions and flexibility should also transcend into form and movement. “Slazenger 7” by Sauber+Flanelli is based on eight acoustic elements. They are alternatively combined and create interesting variations. For each  acoustic element I created a specific form and movement and then combined the visual elements according to the music. I totally loved this project and got fascinated by animation and the additional dimension of time.

Date: January 2003 / Student project at Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland / Design and animation: Monika Rohner / Music: Slazenger 7 by Sauber+Flanelli
Timeline music with marks for different sound elemement
Sketch: Soundtranslation
Thumbnail sketches for different sound elements
Still frames: Soundtranslation
Still frames: Soundtranslation
Still frames: Soundtranslation
Still frames