The Riverine Zone

Two animated explainer movies

These two animated explainer movies were made for the Office of Waste, Water, Energy and Air (AWEL) of Canton Zurich, Switzerland. They explain the dos, don’ts and hows around a new riverine zone that has to be defined for any water body. I created the map of a fictional village to explain how this riverine zone can be handled and what landowners can and can’t do in the zone. Several cross section views explain how the zone is measured. To lighten up this two quite technical explainer movies there are some more emotional scenes that show the benefits of the riverine zone for the community.

Date: November 2016 / Client: AWEL Kanton Zurich, Switzerland / Production: EBP Schweiz AG / Project Management: Katharina Weber / Script: Katharina Weber / Design and animation: Monika Rohner / Sound Design: Patrick Boehler / Language: German
↑ Styleframe
↑ Characters
↑ River cross sections
↑ Fictional village map
↑ Storyboard for explainer 1
↑ Storyboard for explainer 1