The Promise

An animated customer care manifesto

These five short stories illustrate the guiding sentences a major Swiss financial provider is using in-house. Each sentence stands for a promise to their clients. I created and directed five playful stories to communicate their code of practice. In each story the red ladder is representing the supporting and enriching services they offer to their clients. Note: This is a “debranded” version of the movie, the original copy and voice over for each promise are left out.

Date: August 2012 / Client: A major Swiss financial service provider / Animation studio: Kompost, Zurich / Project management: Dennis Guggenheim / Art direction + illustration: Monika Rohner / Animation: Monika Rohner, Ian Sampaio / Music: Cyril Böhler / Sfx: Patrick Boehler
↑ Still images
↑ Character design
“As our customer you develop a clear vision for your future which you translate into achievable goals.”
“As our customer you feel understood – and you understand us.”
“As our customer you decide on the what, how, when and where.”
“As our customer you can access a valuable network which can help you to realise your dreams.”
“As our customer you gain more freedom and flexibility in your life.”