Concept frame: Corporate Responsibility
Concept frame: Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Explaining a complex subject with a few words

Together in a cool team we created this explainer movie to give people an idea what subject-matter UBS’s Corporate Responsibility department is dealing with. It was a very interesting challenge to come up with conceptual pictures and ideas that communicate the philosophy of corporate responsibility in a modest but nevertheless poetic and playful way. Therefore I designed a fantastic flying object with a complex system of hoists and balancing platforms. A bunch of huge lightbulb-balloons (representing “Big Ideas”) are carrying the whole system through the sky. Together with the team I created the story and then drew the storyboard. Emanuele Colombo illustrated all the elements that were later animated.

Date: April 2014 / Client: UBS, Switzerland / Animation studio: Kompost, Switzerland / Project Management: Rhea Mandanis / Concept: Fabian Dörr, Franziska Klaus, Urs Lindauer, Monika Rohner / Storyboard: Monika Rohner / Illustration: Emanuele Colombo / Animation: Emanuele Colombo, Emanuele Correa Soto, Monika Rohner/ Sound Design: Patrick Boehler / Music Adaption: Cyril Boehler
Storyboard: Corporate Responsibility
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