Non linear storytelling in a computer game environment

The interactive 3D environment Wonderland is based on Lewis Carroll’s story of “Alice In Wonderland”. As in a computer game the user wanders round Wonderland, explores in first-person view the characteristics of this strange world and experiences Alice’s story in a non-linear way. The 3D space interacts audio-visually with anything the user does.

Watch the movie below to get an idea of how the 3D environment looks like. But keep in mind that this movie shows a screen capture of a run through Wonderland, that’s why the movement of the camera is not smooth. Wonderland was my diploma project in the Interaction Design program at Zurich University of the Arts.

Date: Spring 2005 / Diploma project at Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland / Concept, design, programming: Monika Rohner / Software: Made with 3D Software Blender / Recognition: Price for creativity and originality at the e.magiciens festival 2005, Valenciennes, France
Diploma exhibition: Two stations to actively explore Wonderland and a collage that shows the process as backdrop
Linear storyline of Alice in Wonderland
Non-linear scene network of Alice in Wonderland