The interactive 3D environment Wonderland is based on Lewis Carroll’s story of “Alice In Wonderland”. The user wanders round Wonderland, explores the characteristics of this strange world and experiences Alice’s story in a non-linear way. The 3D space interacts audio-visually with anything the user does.
Please watch the movie to get an idea of how the 3D environment looks like. But keep in mind that this movie shows a screen capture of a run through Wonderland.
Wonderland was my diploma project in the Interaction Design program at Zurich University of the Arts.

Date: Spring 2005
Recognition: Price for creativity and originality at the e.magiciens festival 2005
Link: Arte on e.magiciens festival
Link: Online Documentary

interactive_wonderland_02 interactive_wonderland_03⇡ Diploma Exhibition: Two stations to actively explore Wonderland and a collage that shows the process.

interactive_wonderland_04⇡ Linear story line of Alice in Wonderland

interactive_wonderland_05⇡ Non-linear storytelling of Alice in Wonderland