The Promise

Another collaboration with Kompost in Zurich: A major Swiss financial provider got in touch and asked us to illustrate and animate their code of practice for in-house communication. We came up with a playful animation for each of their five promises to the client. In each story the red ladder is representing the supporting and enriching services the company offers to their clients.
I designed and directed all of the five stories. Ian Sampaio helped with his amazing animation skills on story 2, 4 and 5.

Date: August 2012
Client: Major Swiss financial service provider
Studio: Kompost, Zurich
Art Direction + Illustration: Monika Rohner
Animation: Monika Rohner, Ian Sampaio
Producer: Dennis Guggenheim
Music: Cyril Böhler
Sfx: Patrick Böhler
Note: This is a “debranded” version of the movie, the original copy and voice over for each promise are left out.

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motion_thepromise_04“As our customer you develop a clear vision for your future which you translate into achievable goals.”motion_thepromise_05“As our customer you feel understood – and you understand us.”motion_thepromise_06“As our customer you decide on the what, how, when and where.”motion_thepromise_07“As our customer you can access a valuable network which can help you to realise your dreams.”motion_thepromise_08“As our customer you gain more freedom and flexibility in your life.”