Sharing Knowledge

“Sharing Knowledge” is a commission by the renowned Swiss magazine DU. They let me illustrate a series of articles about contemporary social subjects like society, work, family and public space.
To keep consistency throughout the series I developed a friendly colour palette and an illustration style based on geometric shapes. Inspired by Ralf Grauel’s interesting articles I created seven panoramic pictures containing a lot of detail and little side stories.

Date: January – July 2011
Client: DU Magazin, Switzerland
Client: MIGROS culture percentage
Illustration: Monika Rohner
Link: Sharing Knowledge Website

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illu_sharingknowledge_02 illu_sharingknowledge_03 illu_sharingknowledge_04 illu_sharingknowledge_05 illu_sharingknowledge_06 illu_sharingknowledge_07 illu_sharingknowledge_08 illu_sharingknowledge_09 illu_sharingknowledge_10 illu_sharingknowledge_11