Disney Channel Germany

Design and animation of two idents for Disney Channel Germany. Each ident shows two kids performing in their very own colourful environments. I was involved on the project form the first pitch frame till the end of the production and I animated the music ident which features the pop princess and the breakdance boy. The sports ident was animated by Frank Schmidt and gives stage to a junior basketball player and a martial arts kid.

Date: Summer 2007
Client: Disney Channel, Germany
Studio: velvet, Munich
Art Director: Patrick Seelinger
Pitch, Layouts, Animation: Monika Rohner
Animation of second ident: Frank Schmidt
Sound: Michael Fakesch

⇣ Still Images / Styleframes / Storyboards / My favourtie pitch layout

motion_disneygermany_01 motion_disneygermany_02⇡ Stills Music Ident

motion_disneygermany_03⇡ Styleframe Music Ident

motion_disneygermany_04⇡ Styleframe Sport Ident

motion_disneygermany_05⇡ Storyboard Music Ident

motion_disneygermany_06⇡ Storyboard Sport Ident

motion_disneygermany_07⇡ Styleframes for the nature loving kid