JWT/Fabrikant approached me to produce seventeen moving illustrations for the Calltrade website.
I built five different sets, for each menu one, and created several stop motion loops on each set. The making of movie above shows each step from sketch to moving image. Visit Calltrade’s website to see the moving illustrations in use.

Date: August 2011
Client: Calltrade, Switzerland
Agency: JWT/Fabrikant, Switzerland
Direction, Illustration, Set Design, Animation and Compositing: Monika Rohner
Helping hands: Tanya Weiss
Music: James P. Johnson “Victory Stride”
Special Thanks: Schafferei, Switzerland
Award: Calltrade wins ADC Bronze 2012

⇣ Still Images + Making Of / Final Website

motion_calltrade_01 motion_calltrade_02 motion_calltrade_03 motion_calltrade_04 motion_calltrade_05 motion_calltrade_06