Tiny cardboard boxes with precious content

I spend a lot of time working on the computer but I truly love to get my hands on with glue and paper for a change.  I created a series of 13 small boxes displaying different contents each. I worked with cardboard, coloured paper, threads and tracing paper. The boxes were made around the same time as the music video Perspective and feature some similar elements, while there is a scene in the music video that shows some of these boxes. In December 2010 the boxes were on display in Frinton Press’ group show at Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes in Shoreditch, London.

Date: September 2010 / Personal projectMaterial: Cardboard, all kinds of paper, string / Link: Frinton Press group show
Box #3 - Bling
Box #5 - Sphere
Box #4 - Loop
Boxes #12 + #13 - Day 'n' Night
Box #7 - Thread
Box #8 - Blue to Yellow
Box #9 - Tree House / Box #10 - Rainy Day / Box #11 - Prism
Box #14 - Green Wood
Box #6 - Outside
Box #15 - My Letter
Installation view
Reverse side
Reverse side
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