I allover-prints! They can be used for many different things and are so much fun to create. Here a selection of my favourite patterns. One of them was screen-printed by  Frinton Press as part of their 2011 wrapping paper collection.
For more pattern and wrapping paper check my Superpack project.

Date: Ongoing since 2006
Illustration, Design: Monika Rohner
Link: Q&A with Frinton Press and Mone

illustration_allover_02⇡ Wind Pattern

illustration_allover_03⇡ Polkadot Souveniers

illustration_allover_04⇡ Bling! This pattern was part of the Frinton Press Selection 2011

illustration_allover_05 illustration_allover_06⇡ Beautiful wrapping papers in an amazing box by Frinton Press. This inspired me to start my own Superpack project.